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#FitBlog QnA (Passion vs. Obsession)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Do you call yourself a “blogger”? Do you think there’s a negative connotation to the term? Or do you “own it”?
I blog yes, but am I a blogger? I don’t call myself that for various reason one being that I’ve been “blogging” longer then the term has been around so it just not something I’ve applied to myself, or given much though. I do think of myself as a writer at times though.

Q2) What is another topic or activity that you feel passionate about?
There are various topics I am passionate about that I write about, such as being Childfree, having Diabetes, PCOS, and what not.

Q3) How does your passion influence your “every day”? Is your passion also your career? Is it a struggle to fit it in your schedule?
Well being childfree effects how I few children in general and parents by and large and my interaction with them when it comes to work. Being diabetic effects my daily life because its part of the condition thus its something I live with so its very much part of my life. The PCOS well part of me I don’t tend to think much about in general because though it effects daily life and is in part cause for be being childfree its just not something active at all moments in my mind.

Q4) Has that “passion” ever turned into “obsession”? What were your warning signs you crossed the line?
I can’t think that any of my passions have turned into obsessions, nor has anyone said anything of the matter to me.

30 Days of Me – Day 1

Well here is the start of a New Year of 2011 … so here as a start to the new year is the first of many to come 30 Days of… the first one I am doing is the 30 Days of Me, thus I am going to post once a day for the next 30 days something about myself, that was asked on the list that I posted last year.

For the start of the session it calls for A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself. So here is as recent pic of myself as I have (web cam taken). Well maybe not the most flattering image of myself I’ve ever taken or had taken for that matter, but hay it didn’t say it had to be overly flattering just a recent pic, and well how much more recent can you get then a Pic just taken and posted?

So anyhow on the the 15 interesting facts about me…
1 I am Childfree
2 I was born in 1977 4 years after my folks got married
3 I have a learning disability, but I’ve not let it interfere with getting my education
4 I am dyslexic
5 I consider myself to be Pagan
6 I’m into fitness and health
7 I love Wolves
8 I’m a Fur
9 I’m a Graphic Artist and Web Designer
10 I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
11 I have Type 2 Diabetes and am on two types of Insulin (long acting and fast acting)
12 I’ve been active online since about 1994
13 I got my first computer back in 1984
14 I’m Married
15 I’ve been raped

#dsma Chat n Reply – W24

>Out with the old. In with the New

1. What is one of your most memorable moments in diabetes for 2010?
Working a 12 hour shift without a break and when shift was over testing to find that I was sitting at 3.2 (57), I have no idea how I got though the day without food, I know I was sipping at a large coffee that I had gotten before work started (McDs coffee 0 cream 2 sugar). Some how it kept me going (even though I still had over half left by the end of the shift).

I vowed never again to allow myself to work that long without a break, clients liking it or not. I’m not doing that again to myself its not safe and next time I might make it home under my own power, next time it might be a trip to the ER or worse.

2. If you could use one word to describe your diabetes for 2010, what would it be?

3. Do you set goals for diabetes management before the new year starts? If so, what are your goals?
My primary goal each year is to get a better A1C then I had in the previous year, which means getting my glucose under better control

4. For 2011: What are some of the things we can do in the diabetes community to insure our voices are heard offline beyond WDD and Diabetes Awareness month?
I am sure there are many things that can be dun to make sure our voices are herd outside of those two deals, such as blogging about ones experiances attending meet ups and in general talking to those you know about it to give them more awareness.

5. What is the one thing you are looking forward to in 2011? -diabetes related.
I actually can’t think of anything in the year to come that I am looking forwards to that is D related. Less you count having better glucose control, though if I’ll have that in the year to come is another matter, I’d like to have it but only time tells if i will or wont.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W23

>Diabetes and Relationships

Q1.Has diabetes affected your daily relationships/friendships? How has your spouse/friends coped w/ you having diabetes?
In general its not effected things to much because N knew about me being diabetic when we started dating. Though its not always been an easy deal with being active and working, I’ve had a few close calls (closer then I care to admit) that could have been avoided completely if I’d been paying better attention to what was going on, but such if life and learning. I don’t have many friends and I really don’t hang out with people so its not been an issue.

N worries about me, he’s always asking me have I taken my insulin shots when I eat, or asking me what my levels are when I am not feeling great, it might be annoying but I know he does it because he loves me and cares about my health, just as I ask him has he taken his med and what not.

Q2. There are a lot of Adults being dx’d w/ T-1, LADA, T-2, PCOS & Gestational diabetes-How has being dx’d as an adult affected your life?
I knew growing up that I had an increased chance of becoming a diabetic because my mom has type 2, so when I was told I had PCOS I figured that I likely already was IR or Type 2 sure enough 20 days later I got the comfermation on the matter.

As to how it effected my life, it didn’t do much in general – I really didn’t change much in my life because of it to start, I only changed things as I was ready to change them or as my body forced me to change things (as in having the hysterectomy because of the PCOS and thus being forced onto insulin because for what ever reason my pank slowed down doing what it was doing so needed more help).

Q3. I know it’s hard to explain diabetes to an adult but how do you explain diabetes to a child? Mom has diabetes . Dad has diabetes.
When mom was told she was diabetic it never was actually explained to me other then she came home and all the junk food in the house got tossed out, pop was not allowed the house and sugar and other stuff was forbidden for 2 years until her treatment team got it though her head that she was doing more harm to her family then good. I still never got an explination on the matter and it would be years till I’d really learn anything about Diabetes, and it was mostly from reading my mom’s medical books.

Q4. Do you or have you ever hid your diabetes from family members, friends or significant others?
I’ve never thought about hiding it, never seen the reason to do so its part of who I am so its just a natural part of life.

Q5. What is the one thing you would tell someone that is entering a relationship and has diabetes? tips.
The person with diabetes is no different then you are, we just have to watch a few things then you might other wise have to deal with.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W22

>Diabetes and Humor

Q1. Do you use humor to cope with diabetes? How? Why?
No I don’t use humor to cope with being diabetic, I don’t see the reason to do so its part of my life and in general I feel there are better coping skills that can be used. But hay if it works for some it works for them it just doesn’t work for everyone tis all.

Q2. When is humor (with relation to diabetes) inappropriate?
When its by someone who isn’t diabetic, at least that’s how I feel about it

Q3. Best diabetes-related joke you’ve heard?
I’ve never actually herd a good diabetes joke, so I can’t say. Read a few that made me smile, but most just leave me shaking my head at not understanding the humour at all.

Q3.5 Worst diabetes-related joke you’ve heard?
There is one but for the life of me I can’t find it online atm, when I do ill post it here (but its about ordering pizza and getting told the person can’t because they are diabetic.

Q4. If Blunt Lancet played a concert, would you attend?
No, not much into concerts

Q5. Which do you prefer Cupcake or Ice Cream?
Ice Cream, grins coffee ice cream

#dsma Chat n Reply – W21

>United Healthcare-NovoLog and Diabetes Clinical Trials

UHC and NovoLog

Q1. UHC raised the cost of NovoLog 250% by lowering the price of Humalog. What are your thoughts?
K to me UHC means Universal Health Care, so I have no idea what it means down in the US. Thus answering this question I really can’t do since up here in Canada our health care system as far as I know doesn’t direct the costing of the drugs. And as far as I know the costing of the humalog that I buy hast gone up in the two years plus that I’ve been on it.

Q1.5 Do you think other INS companies will follow UHC?
This is another question that I haven’t got any idea about so can’t actually answer it on my end as a Canadian.

Q2. Do you think INS Co’s are over stepping their boundaries by dictating the cost of drug vs best treatment for the Pt?
I have no idea since this isn’t an area that I know of effecting me. I know my insurance company doesn’t cover a great deal of my medication but they do not say that I can’t have X because Y is cheaper that would be the government in general that is trying that trick.

Clinical Trials

Q3. What are your thoughts on participating in diabetes clinical trials? Have you ever participated in one?
I’ve tried to get into several clinical trials, however I never meet their needs for the demographic they are using to research with, which is annoying. I’m either to young (most of the cases) or I’ve got a condition which to them effects the results so makes me invalid in being part of the group research. Only ever made it into one clinical trial and that was my the hair of my teeth and it wasn’t for diabetes, but for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Q4. What info do you search for when looking for a clinical trial? Do you look specifically look for DCT’s you qualify for?
I look to see if I might be a match – but again if they are looking for women who are in menopause well I fit that category but not the age bracket that the category fills, so am not eligible there. I find ones which are asking for though who are T2 and trying to louse weight who are on insulin, yet because of being in menopause I don’t qualify yet I am within the age they are looking for.

Q5: What topics would you like to discuss during #dsma?
Id love to have a DSMA chat that is Canadian centered where more canadian based information could be talked about, since more times then naught for a chat I feel very much left out since a lot of it isn’t applicable to Canadians and how the CDA works, vs how the ADA runs its down for americans.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W18

TOPIC: Managing Diabetes during Activities

Q1) How has diabetes affected the activities you do? Have picked up new interests, or stopped pursuing others?
Being diabetic hasn’t changed what activities I do but then again I’ve never not know it as part of my life so its just normal to me in general.

1.5) Are there activities, sports or hobbies that you wish to but haven’t pursued because of diabetes?
There are a few things I’d like to be able to do that I can’t do thanks to being diabetic or I could do but the risks are to high for me to even go there.

2) In what ways has being active helped or hurt your health? Has your a1c been positively affected?
Well I know being active helped me be a good candidate for surgery years ago – had I not been as fit and working out I was told they wouldn’t have looked twice at what was going on and might have delayed the surgery till I was at a more accaptable weight to do it at.

3) What tools, methods or people have helped you manage diabetes care for your activities?
I use SparkPeople for the most part when it comes to recording what I do day in and day out, since they have a great fitness tracker and their food tracker is also helpful for recording what I eat and the carb load in general (though its not 100% diabetic friendly its better then most other tracking methods out there online).

3.5) Do your doctors and medical professionals support or provide encouragement for these activities?

4) What online or offline resources do you use for more information about managing diabetes to help be active?
I keep my eyes pealed on the CDA and the ADA site for information that is coming down to PWD I also read the national newspaper and in general watch the nightly news, plus I pick up ever few months various diabetic mags as I have a chance to do so.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W17

TOPIC: The cost of Diabetes

Q1. Diabetes is an expensive disease (with insurance or without insurance) how do you find ways to save money?
My folks when possible use their senior discount that they get the chance to do so – it helps with the cost of supplies but does nothing for the cost of the insulin or glumetza itself unfortunately those I still have to cover out of my own pocket.

Q2.Is cost keeping you from using any tools to manage your diabetes? i.e.- pumps, cgms, oral medication or insulin
The cost of the insulin does make me try and only use one vile a month even though I should be using two, but I can’t afford the cost so I just make do with what I can and go from there.

Q3. Your thoughts on generic insulin or lack of?
Toronto doesn’t work for me we tried it and well it was less then great as a result its the only generic one that I know of that is in use around here.

Q4. Do you think the proposed HCR bill will lift the financial burden (some) PWD’s have? And how? (non-USA residents) How does your healthcare system help you with the cost of diabetes?
OHIP covers general care when it comes to going to the doctor but that’s about it it doesn’t cover supplies or the like (wish it did).

#dsma Chat n Reply – W16

Pharmacy and Social Media-Diabetes Awareness month

Q1.Do patients think pharma companies should be involved with social media?
It doesn’t hurt for them to at least have a connection and offering free stuff doesn’t hurt either.

Q2. Can both “sides” learn a little something from each other? Pt’s learn from pharm com and them learning from Pt’s
I am sure everyone can learn something from someone else given enough time and understanding in general

Q3. Do you like or dislike when a pharm company participates on online communities? Do you think it’s taking away from the PT?
No idea really since I’ve not seen much of this in general, I mostly don’t pay attention to ad’s that for the most part less they are annoying I don’t even give them a second glance, and if they are annoying I just don’t go where they are if at all possible, or just block them in my browser so I don’t have to worry about seeing them again.

Q4. What does National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day mean to you as a PWD or caretaker?
In general nothing, but in the broad side of things its a day and a month to get the word out about diabetes and treatment and everything to those who are not diabetic but to also to those who are, to let them know that they are now alone in what they do face.

Q4.5 Do you think more needs to be done during World Diabetes Day and National Diabetes Awareness month? What can we do?
Not sure I understand the Q, I know of many local events taking place on WDD and I know that locally speaking there are several events during the month planned, but as far as how much in the out reach area they are I do not know.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W15

Topics:Diabetes Controllable? and Unity

Q1. Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5/LADA and Gestational diabetes (just to name a few) are all hard to control. Do you think diabetes controllable?
I think that one can control various things within their lives, but I do not think you can control all things and in that area all you can do is make the best of things as they come at you.

Q1.5 Do you think manage is a better word to use verses control?
Yes to me manage is a better word to use when it comes to diabetes over control at least for me that is the case.

Q2. What 3 things have you learned about self-care from the different types of diabetes?
1 that everyone is different when it comes to how diabetes effects them
2 that no two diabetics regardless of what type they have are the same when it comes to over all treatment
3 having someone who will listen and not judge you to talk to can be a big help when it comes to dealing with this condition

Q3. How can we rally together to rid the “Who’s got it worse” syndrome?
No idea just general education is all I know of that can help in this area when all is said and dun.