#DSMA – Navigating Other Health Issues

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

1) How do you navigate health issues other than diabetes?
I take each day as it comes to me, managing multi medical issues is normal when its something that you’ve had to deal with since a child – might not be “normal” for other’s but then again what is normal for one person isn’t for another so you deal as best as you can day to day.

2) Do you manage you micro manage your health conditions, like you do diabetes?
I do not micro manage my Diabetes anymore then I micro manage any other of the medical conditions that I live with, as said i take each day as it comes and go from there. Its the only way I’ve learned to deal with things happening in my life, thinking to far forwards just isn’t helpful over all to my long term health, day by day works best for me.

3) How did you get over the hump of having two separate diagnoses? Can you offer any advice?
I couldn’t tell you because I’ve have medical complications and issues long before I became diabetic, though learning I had D not even a month after getting told I had PCOS was a little tick of since I feel my GP could have watched things better and nipped it in the butt sooner so it didn’t hit me as fast as it did.

Only thing I can say for handling anything that comes at you from left or right field or both at once is to take one day at a time and to make time for yourself out of your day to just be yourself regardless of what medication conditions you have.

4) Do you or have you seeked out other patient communities pertaining to the dx?
I have looked to connecting with those who have PCOS but most who have it are baby crazy and since that is their main goal we have nothing in common other then a medical condition so I’ve given up connecting with most people within that community as not worth the hassle since we share next to nothing in common of interest.

The other conditions I live with no, I’ve not looking for others or communities of people who have it, looked into it yes but not joined again for similar reasons – if I could find a childfree community that fit my needs now that would be ideal, or even parents who are not kid obsessed would be alright.



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