The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

1) What do you wish your HCP or your device manufacturer knew about the DOC?
I don’t really know, maybe that there are a number of people out there with D who choose to network and ask questions to find answers or to at least be more informed then they might like us to be for what ever reason.

2) How much information do you share with your HCP about the DOC?
I haven’t really talked to my GP about the DOC since I don’t see her all that often, couple times a year on average and my Endro not at all since its not something that seem’s relevant to do so in general.

3) What do they think about your involvement in the DOC?
It is what it is, as in I’m not as active as I could be and at times not as active as I wish to be – but at other times I’m just at the level that works for me over all.

4) What is the deciding factor in how you filter your questions between the DOC and HCP?
No actual though process is in place for this because I just don’t connect the two – mostly because when I’m in to see my GP its nothing to do with D in general and mostly because its the furthest from my mind when I am seeing her.



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