#CanDoc Chat – Holidays

Diabetes IconThe following Questions are from the CanDOC tweet chat.

Q1. What is the ONE dish/dessert that you can’t live without during the holiday season?
Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you look at it there isn’t a single dish for this season that I “can’t live without” I can and will for the most part live without most of the dishes I grew up having either because I do not know how make them or because I can not have them anymore to start with, so since I can not have them why worry about it any further then a, ya right not going their type deal.

Q2. If you are going to a friends/family’s house for dinner, do you eat before or bring your own plate to make sure you don’t eat too many yummy things?
We don’t tend to go places during the holiday season, but the few places we do go I bring what I can of what I can have and other wise we don’t stick around very long — its just not worth the hassle.

Q3. How do you deal with the Diabetes Police during the holi-d-ays? *Diabetes Police being anyone who watches what you eat and asks the dreaded question, ‘Are you sure you should be eating that?’ or anything along those lines.*
I’ve never actually had to deal with this issue during the holiday season, that and a few people that I do deal with are also D so we each have our way of dealing with what we have, so don’t bother to “police” each other.

Q4. What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?
Spending time with my family is always a good thing, but the start of a new year and further employment is about the hight of the deal for me, as I do NOT like being unemployed!



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