Where has the time gone!!

Well I will admit that October seems to have flown by, hard to believe that its Novemeber already! Like ack ouch, where did that time go?

Guess its time for a general life update, since its been a while since I did anything totally personal here .. aka about my life etc. Anyhow, lets see here… Well as you might have read I’ve been handing out in a place called SecondLife for a good several months now, and in the past month have totally gotten into creating clothing for a shop that should be opening Monday (but as things are now looking, might be as late as next weekend – gumbles). I’ve still got a long list of things that Id like to have for sale in the shop, such as furnature, but at the moment have been focusing so much on creating clothing that I’ve let that side of things laps (mostly because building in what are called sandboxes is not 100% appealing to me to much hassle as in time constrants if ya don’t built it within a certain time frame things start dissappearing on ya).

Outside of SecondLife, my own life is progressing. Still job hunting via various online sites and the newspaper, but so far no biters which ofcourse is a bit discouraging but can’t do much about it. Have seen a few ppl in regards to my resume, but all say that its just fine that they can’t think of anything to change in it or add to it. They all say its just a matter of time before I get hits and offers, I agree its just the time inbetween that can be frustrating to say the least. And trying to get out there to get my own clients to work for, I get them yes, but it tends to me pice work which works but like many ppl out there longer paying work is what one is after if one can well help it and get it.

My weight is coming off slowly, am down to 260 pounds .. might not be at my goal weight, but then again since my goal is to be at my goal weight by the end of 2009, no worries or hurries, as long as the weight loss progression is a semi-steady one, which it has been so far (33 pounds in just over a years time).

I’m still hitting the local gym, but instead of the 7 days a week deal that I was once doing its now down to a min of twice a week to three times a week for an average of 2 hours at a time to upwards of 3 hours. I’ve got 5 months left to my membership, at which time I hope to have saved enough to buy myself an elliptical trainer to use at time. I like the gym well enough but like everything in life having home based equipment would be more of an asset then having to go out side of the home to work out. I still have my weights for weight training here at home so that wouldn’t change what I was doing at the gym (save the gym is weight machines not free weights like I use at home, but no big deal to me am use to the free weights to start with anyhow).

For the last week in October we had friends visiting from the Isle of Man, and it was great to see them, we even went out for a belated birthday dinner, which was cool. It was good seeing them again, then again its always good to see them, even if they are closer to my folks ages then my own (never said I had many firends my own age, chuckles, seem I have more ppl I know that are 40+ then anyone closer to my own age – but no worries to me).

In other parts of my life I’ve been working on keeping PathWalkers up and running with new content and news. I still don’t have the community partisapation as Id like to have, but then again my orginal intent for the site was information distrubution and that has been a suscussful deal, so can’t complain about the lack of membership posting, when my orginal idea for the sites come to pass 100% and ppl are using the site as a referance source and what have you.

I’ve also been working on Macintosh Sisters only problem with that community is the lack of members who post, use to have a world of a lot of posting going on for the community but in the past year its gone down to next to 0, which is totally upsetting since I’ve put so much time and effort into the group over the past 12 years – sighs.

I’ve prity much given up on WebGuardians, it was a growing concern years ago, but in the past year or so ppl viewing it have gone down and ppl chooseing to adopt one of my creations has gone down further, so its no longer a viable site in its own right (I might just add it back onto my main site as a sub section, I don’t really know at this point in time, since i still hold title to the domain name itself for antoher year at least.)

Nyxstium has undergone a revamping. I have devided it into two sections, one which is HTML based and the other which is Flash blased. So far people seem to like the HTML based side over the flash, but both are almost equal in the stats for visitors (with the HTML leading the way with about 20 more hits over the flash side).

I’ve also added a new section to my Blog, inreationed to SecondLife, called Nyxstium Designs. It is my SecondLife inworld Company, which is associated with my real world company Nyxstium. Nyxstium Designs is what I chose to call my inworld company mostly because I can associate it with my real world company and link between the two without having to go out and maybe buy another domain and what not. But also because to me it made sence in using a name which I already am using.

The Nyxstium Designs section of my blog will feature the clothing that I am offering inworld, plus other items such as beds, chairs, tables, rugs, and other items as I think of making them. I’m even going to so case the buildings that I build for inworld clients, first building that has been posted is my own home inworld (or it was still the lease on the land it was on expired, now thw house is in limbo, till I buy or rent more land – might do it, but with the shop, its not likly since I can just live in any of the non-rented flats that I’ll add to the place).

Well thats my update in whats been happening in my life to various degrees, take care everyone



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