Owning Land in SecondLife

Well its come to pass, Sunday I took possession of the land I have been talking about. And about 3 min after I took possession I started building on the land …. 3 hours later I have a building up on the land that I was thinking of building, and layed out almost to the T that I was thinking of.

It is amazing how larger the site is then I first thought, even with measuring it out for my design, its larger then I designed for to a degree … oh well, just means I can do more when all is said and dun!

I’m now wondering if I should change my design of the place, since its larger then I originally though it was going to be. At the moment it has space 12 standard shops in the mall area, plus I’ve made it possible to have more shops out in the main area as well about 18 more I think (haven’t actually set them out as yet, since am not 100% sure about it as yet).

For the Residential/Commercial side of the building I have room for 12 flats or 3 lofts and 6 flats or just 6 lofts. I don’t know what combo if any combo I might be going with since well Lofts I can charge more for since they take up more space (take up two floors), but with flats I can get more in and maybe make what I would for the lofts … have to check into how pricing is else where in world in regards to what works I guess). I also have 3 pentflats that ofcouse take up the most space, which ofcourse cost the most to rent. I could add another floor that could be 100% flats, but am not sure if going that high is a good thing or not as yet (as in not sure if ppl in the sim we are located might get ticked with that extra height, as that would make it the leargest building in the sim that I know of).

Now I am hoping to be able to offically open the shop November 12th 2006, Monday of next week, but like everything it will depend on how fast I can get the clothing deals uploaded, combined, packed and displayed. Its already cost me 230 lindon to upload what I have already made, and many of those where several attempts to get the outfit looking right, sighs it can be expensive to upload outfits that is for sure (10 lindon per file uploaded, good or bad doesn’t matter you still have to pay).



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