Womens Event in SL

Well I have been asked to join in with a both at a Business Womens Event, that show cases women in SL who own their own businesses. Its taking place within SL today (don’t know the time, but I think it lasts always long) at Not Just Clothes Bu, Oleander (215, 133, 21).

Took me about 2 hours in world to get my booth set up! .. talk about longer then I expected … then again was learning on the fly as well how to get things to display as I want them to display (stuff that I had put on my to-do-list for the week before opening the shop offically).

The display is up and working (a little simple for my own tastes, but no extra time to build anything more fancy, not with the little noitce I got that is, nor the time I have left online before hitting the sack), with 6 freebies that are only being given away for this particular event then they go back to being for sale (save my promotional t-shirt with the Nyxstium Design logo on it ofcourse), though I might offer them as a promo deal for the opening day of the shop (haven’t 100% decided as yet on what to offer free for opening day, save the reduntant freebie stuff).



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