Clothing Production

Well I have a number of outfits which I have created, ready to be sold in shop (once I’ve build the shop, which I am hoping will be build by the weekend, Monday at the latest).

So far I have my Pride series of outfits (Leather Pride and LGTB Pride), I also have a few non pride based clothing that I’m managed to create, including a styalised Canadian Maple Leaf, which I must admit I am very pleased with its look, and how it works as clothing, oh ya.

Have even had a few ppl say that they like my leaf look (which consists of a single maple leaf over each bust, one covering the front neather regons and the other as a form of tat over the backside) .. chuckles … K more then a few, but lets say it was a spure of the moment idea to make that outfit .. aka fun idea, not to be taken seriously.

I am pleased with how things are going so far, yes I’d like things to be progressing faster but I can only create things so fast, since I also have to be able to make the posters that show the outfits to be uploaded to the shop .. aka takes time (about 10 to 20 min per outfit look).

Sighs I am excited to be getting things moving on, as in the shop, clothing and what not. It should prove to be an interesting venture that is for sure, and with luck and other things I hope to have my SL business prosper not to mention grow!

*On a side note, we now have the land, its now just a matter of time before the shop is built and gets populated with items for sale.

take care,



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