Volunteering at the 22nd Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival

Well Norman and I did our three days of volunteering at the 22nd Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival.

It was interesting walking up and down Queen St, didn’t burn as many calories as I though I would, but I still had issues getting in enough calories to cover the burn that I did for those walks to start with. All in all it was enjoyable – though we never did get the Ts that we where promised for helping out (but we’re told to call the person who organized the volunteers later this week and she’d drop a couple by when she got them, so have that on my to do list.

Meet some interesting people during the three days, including come visitors to the city from other countries including up from the US just for the event itself, which was cool. Only not cool part about the three days was the humidity that really got to us on Friday and the Rain on Saturday, but all in all weather aside it was all good.

For the three days I managed to walk 15.34 km which means I got in a total of 27,909 steps of which 11,302 acrobatic steps for a total of 104 minutes which also means I ended up burning 1,541 calories. Which to me is a good workout in general, even if I use to be use to walking that much in a single day, but hay it was a good work out in general, just wish the scale would have shown that I had lost at least a few points but it shows nothing of the sort, it actually shows me having gained .4 instead of a loss – oh well likely its water retention so will have to hit the scale later in the week to see if so or not.

There where a few good bands this year that we got to listen to, one of them was at the end of queen street, across from The Goof I enjoyed listening and dancing around to their tunes, unfortunately Norman wasn’t that impressed with them – yes they could have been in better turn and not dropped so many beats but in general I enjoyed what it was they where playing.

One thing is for sure that I thought things where disorganized a few years ago, but I never new just how disorganized behind the scenes it really was. I’d have thought things would have been better planned out for an event that has been running so long – then again I don’t know how much experience the person who did the volunteer side of things this year really was, but I did have a few suggestions for making it better next year, who knows maybe my ideas will get implemented maybe not only time will tell on that regards.

Well got work to do, post more later everyone, take care.



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