Long evening to come and low on calories

Well its one of those days, it happens I new I should have stocked up but after the issues yesterday food was not high on my list for today.

So in about an hours time I start a 5 hour shift, which will see me walking about 10 km could be a little less or more I don’t know atm, but I know it will be a min of 4 km that will get walked regardless because have to walk one way then back again.

Hubby and I are doing to 22nd Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival here in Toronto. We’ve signed up to be Ambassadors for the StreetFest for today, tomorrow and saturday. Its our way of giving back to our community.

Well my only issue is for today at least is that I’ve bearly taken in 700 cals and I know I’m going to burn more then that walking this evening. Add to that today’s been one of those days where I’ve not had to take any insulin because I’ve been running blasted low. Its like of all the time for my body to go low it picks today to do it on me!

I have my glucose tabs, a diabetic meal bar with me plus water. I’ve also got some extra funds to get myself a treat and a bottle of pepsi (regular not diet) – I’ve also got my meter with me to test as needed, and since were doing it as a team I have my hubby with me to make sure I’m alright, but at the same time I’m ticked that I’ve not been able to get in a good amount of calories for the day before this takes place and displeased that my body has chosen today to be a low day, when I really need it to be a high day (when I’m high I can last longer walking without going hypo – as in I can start out at mmol 12 [216] and 2 hr later I’ll be hitting mmol 6 [108], cause where I am atm at mmol 8.2 [147.6] I might be lucky to get in an hour of walking before my levels drop below mmol 5 [90] and I really start feeling it).

I’ll post more later to give a heads up on the event (might even twitter while out and about, so you can always check my twitter feed under Nyxks) and how things went.



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