#dsma chat Qs n my Responses – Week 1

#dsma stands for Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, it is a twitter based deal which every Wednesday at 9PM est we get into a twitter chat room and talk about various topics related to diabetes. The following are the topic questions that where covered for the very first group meeting.

How do you feel about the false advertising for diabetes cures? ie snack oil, herbal med’s and diets
I think it does more harm in general then good, since there are many diabetic’s who have bought into it and been worse off then they started. That and it can give the outside world the wrong info in dealing with someone with Diabetes.

To me its no different then those out there who offer cures and treatments for those who are epileptic and the bad info they also give that has lead to more then one epileptic person having issues that effected their future health.

What are your thoughts on the Media’s perception of T-1 and T-2 diabetes?
Some of the media stuff I’ve seen over the years hasn’t been as good as it could be. But then again some of the local CDA ads I’ve seen have been very good and well put out for the populace to see and get info to understand in general.

How can we as a community (effectively) change their perception?
All I know that I can do is keep my tongue and answer as best as I can what ever Qs are asked. But when it comes to other Ds that much harder to deal with since you’d think they’d wont to help educate as much as you do but the shocker is many don’t seem to give a darn about helping to giving good press for the condition in general, some even make it worse for all of us because of their actions.



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