Uncles Birthday Lunch/Dinner

Well did well at my Uncles birthday lunch/dinner – we went to the Imperial which is an All you can Eat Chinese Buffet

I loaded up on my fav item, Broccoli and Swiss Char yummmmmers!

I loaded so much up on it that I wasn’t able to finish all that was on my plate and the highest calorie item of them all was the 4 cups of broccoli that I ate (might have been more I’m eye balling the amount I loaded onto my plate and since it took up most of the plate itself it feels about right). The broccoli is steamed in water and you add your choices of sauces to it (I took half a ladle of oyster sauce which is about 1 tbsp apx).

It was kind of funny that I wasn’t able to finish everything that i put on my plate to eat and I didn’t really have room for dessert as I had hoped I would – but I still got it in in the from of my beloved Sesame Seed Balls – mmmmm yummmers.

Total calorie intake for the meal was over 1,200 but as I said it was Lunch/Dinner so it did very well to cover both in one, not something I do very often but at times it is how it works out when you over eat and ones tummy can’t stand the idea of putting anything into it for the rest of the day beyond liquid.

I know what I put into my tracker is all apx because I was eye balling everything that I put on my plate, but since I also am on insulin and my numbers before the meal was mmol 8.2 and 2 hours after the meal it was only at mmol 8.8 the 20 units I took of humalog covered the 100 plus grams of carbs I took in it would seem without to much issue (if it hadn’t covered the food I’d have been much higher then that by far).

Norman on the other hand, went though about 6 king crab legs and a good dozen cupcakes as dessert – chuckles I have no idea how many calories he packed in, but the way his body is he’ll have burned it off by time we got home – k maybe not but still.

I’m pleased enough with my intake for yesterday, it does explain why I was actually feeling overly stuffed at what “little” I’d actually eaten since the veggies had really packed a punch for filling up (I had though Id end up finishing the meal off as I tend to do so by having a cold salad, as it was I didn’t have room left over to be able to do as I had thought I would – lol

For drink with the entire meal, we had two pitchers of ice water for the table not one of us ordered drinks of any kind other then the water for the table. Which was a nice change since I’m so use to my uncle ordering at least a coffee or something same with my aunt and dad – Norman and I tend to always order water with our meals mostly out of habit do to living on a budget and adding pop to the cost of a meal tends to be outside of that budget for a meal less we choose to share the pop between us, but even then well have a couple glasses of water mostly because we like water to start with.

Oh well, hope everyone is doing well, take care and post more as time does allow it.



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