#dsma Chat n Reply – Week 2


Do you consider diabetes an illness?
An Illness doesn’t last for long, it has a cure and thus far D doesn’t have a cure so no I do not consider it to be an illness.

As a PWD, do you consider yourself ill/sick?No I do not consider myself Ill much less sick by having D, its part of who I am and I live and deal with it just like any other medical condition out there.

Does pre-diabetes really exists?

    Not really sure, to me you either are diabetic or you aren’t there really isn’t an inbetween state – however, I do know its possible to have it then not have it, like gestational diabetes or the like, so guess its possible.

There has been a lot of talk about Doctor’s using A1C’s to diagnose people with diabetes. Your thoughts?

    No idea, its not how I was told I was diabetic, though my GP did notice that my numbers at my regular checkups here climing yet did nothing about it. So I think it could give an indication that something isn’t right and that maybe just maybe something further should be dun to see what might be going on with that person.

Brittle Diabetes is a term often used to describe pwd’s on insulin. What are your thoughts when people use the word “Brittle Diabetes?”

    I actually never even heard of the term will I came online and even when I read the term it made no sense to me, still doesn’t. I still don’t understand why people to use or why it even got started to be used in the first place. It just doesn’t make any sense to me from any point of view I can think of.



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