Postings and twitterings

Yes it has been some time since I actually sat down and did some real good old fashioned blogging, been doing a lot more twittering as many of you can see just by looking at my “blog”, ya its become a collection of twitters over anything else.

I have over the past year had several times when I was going to get back into blogging and slow down ion the twittering, but each time I thought about it and each time I tried to do it – well you see the result.

I’m not going to say that I am going to blog more, I am going to try and post more blog entries yes, but I know for a fact that I am going to be twittering up a storm from time to time because I’ve gotten into the habit of doing so in the past year, and on top of that it is a way of sharing my spur of the moment thoughts comments and what not without logging into my blog and posting an entry which doesn’t have much substance to it.

Well here is to making an effort to blog more in addition to the twitterings.



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