SL Bunnies

Well friends of ours have gotten into raising and breeding bunnies within SecondLife … it seems to be the newest craze to hit SL in the past year, I new about the turtles option because I know of a few people who are doing that already, but the bunny side of it is new to me.

So it has gotten me looking into it, to various degrees. In truth looking into it the more I do so the less appealing it seems to be and the more work and L that is really needed to do it (and what L I have is limited in the extreme, no SL income atm).

But we have chosen to get into it, once we can get a set of bunnies to start with, and well see how it goes with the first set of bunnies and maybe selling their offspring off. If it works and we can make a profit, we might well stick with it, but I’m not holding my breath in that area.

Only time will tell if its a good option of less then a great one.

Well I’ll update this side of things once things progress along which ever lines they will progress, might even have a few in world shots if it ends up being a full go.

Take care everyone,



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