Missing my hubby

I know that he will be back home soon, but it doesn’t make his being away from me any easer knowing that.

This immigration issue that we have been going though has not been an easy road, but its not necessary one that either of us would change, some areas of it yes we would, such as doing it in country instead of out of country, since we might have well dun that for all the out of country part hasn’t worked as we’d hoped it would (did it cause we both thought he had work to go back to, but turned out not to be the case).

You’d think after being at a place for 12 plus years that they would do as they said, take him back when he returns from getting married, but that wasn’t the case they never took him back as he was told they would. On top of it getting more work has proven to be an issue, since he’s got his status pending for to come up here the potential employers have thrown that in his face that he will not stay long enough to be employable by them, yet he would have been able to work for any of those company for close to a year since that’s how long we’ve been married. Those places lucked out on a great and loyal employee.

Sighs, and I myself have had little luck in getting full time employment myself, I get work here and there on a freelance basis, but with all that has been going on I myself haven’t been able to find full time employment, not even part time … which is disheartening since I keep getting told that there is no reason why I shouldn’t have full time work by now -oh well something is out there, I know it!

It will be good to have him here on a perm basis and being able to really start our life together as a married couple should be able to do so, its just a matter of time before we will be able to do so.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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