Playtexfits – Bra Sizing

Well I did the Playtexfit’s thing when it comes to finding the right size bra for me

According to them I am not the 50 DD that I thought I was but actually a 52DDD a size that I can’t even get in shop less I go to a specialty shop and am willing to fork out close to 100 bucks for a single blasted bra.

Sighs, also the idea of paying 50 or more for any article of clothing just feels wrong. Then again 100 bucks would pay bills and a lot of other things more then clothing will (though yes the right fitting clothing goes a long way to helping with the job side of things, but since you can’t really wear the same bra day in and day out its not practical to get when one doesn’t have the income to get one to start with.

Just anther one of those things that having extra weight on the body creates an issue with when it comes to buying clothing and the barrier that one does face being low income.



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