#dsma Chat n Reply – Week 5

Topic (s): Endocrinologist and CDE’s (Certified Diabetes Educator)

Q1. What are the 3 qualities you look for in a Endo/CDE/PCP?
I actually don’t have any qualities that I looked for in my Endo, he was assigned to me by my GP because he was also my mom’s Endo and was thought to be the best person to deal with me to start with since he was already treating my mom.

Q2. Have you ever had to fire your Endo/CDE/PCP? If so, why?
No, I’ve never had to do anything of this nature before and I hope I never had to for that matter

Q3. How much time do you spend w/ your diabetes care team? Do you think it’s enough?
I don’t have a diabetic team, I think that is an American thing it doesn’t exist here in Canada that I know of in general. I have an Endo that is it, he is the only person who cares for me with my diabetes, my GP gets his reports but leaves all things regarding D between him and me when it comes to treatment in general. As to how long appointments last, about 30 min or so depending on what needs going over.

Q4. How often do you discuss adjustments with your Endo/CDE?
I don’t really do so because I’ve not had the need to do so. But I’ve always told him anything I’ve dun and why I did it, he either agrees that I did right or corrects me for what I did wrong.

Q4.5. Insulin Dependents, Are you reluctant to make insulin changes per CDE suggestion?
I know my endo has my best interests at heart, he’s also got more years experience dealing with others with D so I trust his recommendations for any change that needs to take place for my care.



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