Not A Lot of Posting time…

Well its been a while since I actually was able to post anything here or to MySpace, seem that once I get home from work, I’m almost dead to the world. This is a new one for me, I”ve never been like this before when I was working, then again my ex wouldn’t allow it so maybe that why I’m feeling as I am? What ever the case, I need to find time to do my emails they are piling up, last count was 10,000 but now its lickly closer to 20,000 if I’m not careful.

As far as work goes itself, I’m setteling in fairly well, I still don’t know how long I am going to be here. Maybe another week, maybe longer I really still do not know, only time will tell how long I truly am here, and I for one like it here, and am enjoying the work I am doing – at least for the most part, some of it like all work is a little on the slow side, but still better then a fast deal that gets one majorly confused big time.

The project I have been working on well for the most part at least when it comes to the images thus far, I’ve almost finished them, a couple more hours and they should be finished for the most part. Then on to the Flash stuff and what ever else is necessary to complete the project.

The food here is far decent, and the pricing is prity good for what you can get. In basic its buffet style food, you wait in line, go though the food and add it to your plate as much as you wish to add, plus you get a drink with it (milk, juice, pop, coffee, tea, and soy milk), and if you choose a dessert as well. There is always free coffee on hand which is good for most people I guess, but for me its not a perk, I’d rather have milk on hand as much as I’d like to drink over coffee, even pop would be alright to a limited degree (can’t drink much of that stuff, but still its good to have as able).

One thing that I find interesting about the work, is that I at least get to listen to my chosen music while working instead of having to use a CD player I actaully can load my music onto my comp and play it from there – granted have to play it through WMP in stead of my prefered iTunes, but at least I can listen to my choice in music (though at times I’d like online radio, but that’s not a possibility do to the security settings).

Another think about working as I have been of late, I’ve not wanted to get on my computer at home, when I get home. Even if I do have the time to do so before I go to work, or when I get home. I just am not overly interested in going online at home at the moment, or at least not for more then a few min to clear my inbox, and respond to urgent messages or the like.

I am so freaking far behind in posting to my own groups that its frustrating, but you know what? As furtrating as it might well be, its not high enough to make posting to them a goal when I get home, at least not yet its not, who knows what will happen in time to come in those regards. Even my own sites, are not getting the attention that I was once giving them, guess work can really take over ones life in more then one way.


In other news, the Canadian elections are now over and we now have a minority conservative government, or at least we will once our current PM steps down sometime next week I think it is (can’t remember when its skedualed for).

It does seem that Toronto and vancover shut out the conservative and where primarly Liberial in who why chose to elect, which counted for the Conservatives only getting a minority gov deal. But still that leaves the way for them to try for a Magority Gov next time round, if they make it that far this time round that is.

Well as the new’s has been saying, Canada wanted change and they got it, but with conditions placed on that change, how much will happen I do not yet know, one thing I do know is that everytime we have had an conservative governemnt in power we the people seem to have lost more then gained.

No government is perfect and change is good, but sometimes change and the people within the government take for granted the people who elected them into power and forget their primices to those people and to their country in general.

I for one like other’s i have since found out, am not in favor of the conservatives plan for giving those with children under 6 X amount of funds a year, it is nuts. Most people who get that will more then likely spend it on themselves for beer, drugs and/or smokes, never mind the reason its being given to help with the care of the child. Personally that money should go towards education, if they wish to help children then put that money into the education system where it is really really really needed (after harris took the education to the clearners this tory government should correct their mastake they made all those years past, same goes for hospital care).

Well I could go on and on and on, but that would serve no purpose and likely have you stop reading, so hope everyone is doing well.

Take care everyone, post as time does pass.



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