Life and its goings on

Well lets see here, look like I will have at least another week here to work, beyound that I don’t yet know (so taking it week at a time it does appear, so far). I hope its longer, but like always time will tell how things really do go for me here.

I finally got a change to go though more emails this morning before I left for work, I’m now over 20,000 emails and counting higher as the day goes on. It does appear that I’ll have a few hours or so going though them tonight (or rather tomorrow morning, knowing me and when i tend to get online).

I classify my emails as they come in automaticaly (as in I have my email program place each email in to its corresponding file folder within the email program. And how I tend to do things is, go though InBox first for emails that didn’t get sorted first, go though my personal folder for any emails from friends, family and the like, go though medical folders seeing if new info needs to be printed or reviewed, go though pagan folders see if anything interesting is happening,or any new info that catchs my attention, then on to the lifestyle folders to see whats happening, then the rest of the folders as time allows.

I am a full week behind in posting to my own groups which miffs me, but it can’t be helped – I have at least added a few new things to PWN Interactive so that is something that I have accomplished this week for at least one of my groups, though no articles have been posted – so look out this weekend.

I’ve not even posted anything to my LJ because I’ve not been able to access it here at work, some network conflict or something, not sure what, but it doesn’t load (site might be blocked for what ever reason). So looks like I’ll be posting these posts here, that I have managed to write, to my LJ for those who are on my LJ to read.


Sighs, it does appear that I am having more medical problems at my young age more so then my mom did at my age. Then again at my age she didn’t know she has Proph, and would till she was in her early 30s, and she couldn’t develope diabetes till she was in her 50s. So I guess considering the fact’s that I’ve got Proph, Diabetes and PCOS all together at the same time at such a young age, its no wonder I am having troubles controling all three of them.

The Proph and Diabetes are at war with each other, because both need different types of care which are in most regards opposit of each other (as in one need high carbs the other low) which is most anoying to say the least, and the balancing act between them is what’s acuatlly caused mom’s compliations in the past 7 years. Of which I really really wish to avoid at all possible costs, I can’t afford them now or ever (then eather can she).


I’ve been trying to track down some info that I’ve seen talked about that Pepsi Co is going to be publishing their can’s with some info missing because of trying to be politcally correct (as in they are apparently dropping the “in god we trust” or something to that effect), but I haven’t yet been able to varify this though their site,or news articles as yet. If you have a link to such article please let me know, as I’d like to read what is being said.

In my own personal point of view, good for them if this is the case, that they really are not putting that on the new can’s they produce for the special occasion I have heard about. Its about time one of those american companies took into consideration that there are other people in the country who do not believe in “god” in the christian scence of the world, but in something else that reflects their own belief system. I am all for keeping religion out of politics, school and business, its a privale deal and should be forced on those who do not wish to have it forced on them.

Talk about brain on a little bit of over load at the moment, so many thoughts going though my head that I can’t pin them all down as I’d like to, oh well take care everyone.



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