Growls at Wal-Mart

Well a new super centre wal-mart has opened it doors and it sucks, big time.

The staff don’t know where the world anything is in the blasted place, only one of the managers seemed to have a clue, and in general well I’ll NOT go back there for at least 6 months less I really have no choice in the matter. I’l stick to the wal-mart in scarborough town centre – it might be fruther away from me, but at least the staff know where things are.

Sighs, good service now a days seems to be a dying art form or something. Also the staff there well lets say pass the buck seems to be a popular deal there at the moment, which again ticks me off to no end. I tried to ask a staff member about the fresh coffee that you can grind for yourself, but they kept saying not their department, when there where in the area stacking the shelves, and couldn’t even tell me who then I should ask if not them who are right there stocking the shelves! … never did get an answer from any staff member I asked, finally said for get it and just walked out so NOT worth the freaking hassle.



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