I so do NOT do Windows

Well there went a lovely long posting that was saved, but apparently was cruped somehow – sighs me and Windows apparently do NOT get along as well as we might or should.

Sighs I can’t recall all that I was posting about – sighs brain turning to much to much time at the computer or something.

Here at the office, its like many other offices around the world I am sure, cubicals around a core where everything is housed – elevators, washrooms, etc. Lots of light from the windows s the building for the most part if like 100% glass, K maybe not, but it shure looks like it fron the outside.

Now if the office lighting could also be day lights instead of the florances I’d be a happyer camper, at least its cooler then other places I’ve worked, which is perfect for me. Also with the open concept it means the monators which do generate heat disapate before heating everything up, which again means office is cooler all around, at least that’s how it feels – they likely have a good air circulating system as well, not I don’t see any air events in the office area.

Well when it comes to working with graphcis the comp might be high tech, but its lacking power and processing power – sighs my G3 450mhz runs faster then this 2GHs dual processor Dell computer, go figure that one out (save the fact that its a dell?) Speaking of comps, if I get to work here long enough, I might actually have enough to play off a good chunk of my card, and put some towards a new comp for myself – I’m now looking at the G5 Quad, mostly because its come down in price from what it orginally was, and because of the new trend with apple for their new line of comps. You see for me if I get the latest modle of the last years modle it should in theory last me at least 5 years before I have to once again upgrade to a newer computer – though the way technology is going at the moment, 5 years might be actually dreaming. Though my current comp has lasted me 10 years, so I can’t complane to much that its now starting to show its age to various degrees.

I think I might be getting the handle of using windows again, slowly. But I am still findingit anoyly slow and not 100% able to multi task as I am so freaking use to being able to do. I can’t have that many applications loaded at once – which is nuts since I need several active to work – and I can’t have all thatI need open, for crying out loud my own home comp can have 20+ application active and running in the back ground without distracting from the application that is currently active, but not this comp – what is it wish windows? First previous works comp was like that, now this one as well? Is it a windows thing

Lol I have that song “I wan’t candy” going though my head only instead of candy, its Mac, “I wan’t a mac” – ack my brain is so not enjoying the process of going though the windows system and figureing it out – though I must say its a little cleaner then I am use to seeing for windows systems in genearl and they actually know how to keep it network safe and the like, which is like a first for me to actaully see. Then again it is Windows Pro which is being used, so I would imagin that they would be able to make it do a few things more then NT 4 did – to various degrees and certanly Win 98.

Well enough for the moment, my brains needing to try and get something working, post more in a few



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