grumbles at the back pain

Well its nice to have work, but I honestly don’t know what I am going to be doing at the work placement. I was told its similar to what I was doing at the other place I was working at – which was 3D graphic generation. So guess I’ll see tomorrow what I’m in for.

Well there goes parts of my comp – just had a massive crash, and it wasn’t even my comps fault – but the battery back up that I use to have attached to the comp for power outages and spikes – looks like after 5 years its given up the ghost and tried to take my comp with it when it died.

Thus far, no files have been curpted that I can tell, but my comps doing a run though of files as I type, so I’ll know come morning what’s been trashed, and what’s been unaffected.

So where was I, oh yes…work, or not since I was finishing that though when things crashed. On to other topics … Hmm what to post more about…

Well as i was saying before my muscles are nun to pleased with me, and the rest of by body is in agreement with my muscles that its not happy either. I know I am going to be feeling it in the morning more so then now – but that’s what Advil and the like are for sore muscles.

Well take care everyone,



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