Up Down All Around

Well looks like a week of not being able to sleep, with highs and lows of emotion have left me in the past few days with real downs and wanting nothing but to sleep as much as I am able – leaving me cranky and tired. Shakes head, you just can’t win it does appear.

Went to one of my doc’s today, to get my Depo shot, and lucky me she’d been doing some research and she’s come to the same conclusion that some of the earlier complications I was suffering from are do to being allergic to the Depo shot. However, that being the case there are no alternative treatments I have an option of.

There is not a single BCP on the market that I can take that I am not allergic to in one for or another, And the option of getting myself fixed is currently a non-option because of the drugs invovled, which it turns out I’m also going to be allergic to. Coming off the Depo is an option, but if I do I run the chance of Ovarian Cancer and other nasties since I do not ovulate as I should and can go years without a cycle to start with.

Talk about being on the tip of a two edged sward, that either side can cut you down if the move is wrong. Oh well I should be use to it by now, as its something that I’ve always seemed to walk since I was born, but hay my feet are getting sore in that regards.

So it looks like for the time being I’m still on Depo with the knowledge that should I end up taking any of the 400+ other drugs on the market that that drug might well trigger a full blown porph attack. Not the greatest of ideas, but at least I have the for knowledge of what can happen. I also know what to look for in an attack – should have clued in last week when it was happening, but was to worried about my mom to think much about myself, and the first time it happen was to concerned with taking care of my ex to think about myself (I sense a thread there, caring for everyone else but myself – not always good nor safe).

Well take care everyone



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