Gluten and Dairy Free

Well so far so good, had a few glitches that I did get glutened and paid for it big time, one I have no idea where it came from and another well lets say I’ve hidden my jam from my dad (which means gotten a new jar of it, let him have the one he contaminated and have it in the fridge among my veggies (that he will not touch).

Not hard to avoid dairy, but trying to find a “creamer” for my coffee is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be. I know there are several vegan options but the most common two (coconut and almond) are not an option and though soy is an option its a limited option since I still have my soy sensitivity (which means I can’t have a lot of it in a 24 hour period n if I over do it it can be days till I can tolerate a small amount again) can’t use oat milk do to the gluten issue and all the dry mixes i’ve found contain dairy (even when it says lactose free its not dairy free unfortunately). So the search for a “creamer” goes on and in the mean time I try the limited soy milk that makes the coffee taste terrible and almost unbearable to drink (ya i’ve cut down on the amount I drink which is annoying since out side of water its limited as it is [I do drink rice milk, but it plays havoc with my glucose control]).

Had a couple of days where I’ve broken down crying in front of the freezer looking at it packed with food, and only 5% of it being anything that I can eat and only if I’m willing to spend time cooking to do so. I’m getting tired of it to degrees, I can prepare a meal for my family in 30 minutes but for myself an hour plus isn’t uncommon and I get annoyed with it. I can make my mate and dad their chicken fingers and fish, I can early make up french onion soup for my dad, but I can’t test it to make sure it tastes right and I can’t taste anything I cook for them to make sure its cooked right and its ticking me off to no end.

I’m fast getting over loaded and trying to plan meals that I can eat is over whealming, my mate is alright with eating what ever I can eat so GF and Vegan isn’t an issue with N, my dad will have nothing to do with it he’s to set in his way and well to save peace I just cook the same junk in rotation for him (meatloaf, spegettii in meat source, pork chops with whipped potatoes and peas/carrots, steak n potatoes with mixed veggies, fish, pot pies with extra veggies – repeat).

For dinner’s of late I’ve been making Fried Rice with fresh veggies for N and I (gluten free n low sodium of course) adding chicken to it or pork at N’s request (side dish, so N can add to hir main as much as wished). We’ve had rice noodles with veggies, stuffed peppers and every weekend we have at least once tofu scramble (tofu mixed with left over fresh veggies). lettuce leaf tacos with mixed veggies, quinoa and mixed berries, quinoa with vegetable stew.

I’m in some regards getting tired of the same old same old, big time when N requests to have hir buffalo chicken nuggets and it leaves me on my own to figure out something to eat (which tends to mean I just grab an apple n hummus and forget about eating anything, regardless of it i’ve had food or not in the day – I get not depressed but fed up and just say I don’t need to eat (which I know isn’t true I do need to eat for my own health, but its hard to do so when all the food I could fix I can’t because in the time I make their food they are over and dun with it before mines even finished and buy the time mines finished theirs would be cold and I don’t like eating on my own at the table it just makes me so angry and upset that I just can’t eat so don’t bother doing so).

In short being diabetic I know is hard in general to keep my levels right, but adding in the other eating issues and I’m in burn out – and its not even been a month of trying (I’ve been doing this for a year, but last year I let the gluten slip several times and always paid for it [never slipped on the dairy though – save the coffee creamer issue] so am getting tired and in short feeling it on so many levels. Since even my mate does try to support me, but my dad’s support is to throw money at me and say I’ll get you a meal out what can you have? which only makes it worse since then I have to go though sites to find what I can have or default to a place I don’t like eating from but I know is 100% gluten free for 90% of their items). ARG!!!!



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