Long Day

Well work went well save for the fact that the office ordered pizza for the staff and though they did order a gluten free pizza for two of us – I wasn’t able to eat it because they forgot that I can’t have dairy so it left the pizza up for the only other gluten free person on staff (and according to him the curst was close to cardboard – which isn’t uncommon) but it made me glad that I’d brought left overs from dinner.

Everyone was like but its Gluten Free pizza, you can have it and I’m like um no its got dairy on it (aka the cheese) it was good thought about what they did for us, but sad at the same time since again was made to feel left out of the group (sides an annoying thing is that the pizza sauce the place actually uses contains dairy, plus a world of a lot of the toppings as well, such as their olives, pepperoni, ground beef, etc – how or why I have no idea, but according to their site they do, really makes me wonder then again a lot of pizza places their toppings are not diary free outside of some of the veggies).

A few clued in as to why at the dinner I ended up having the chief out to the table to talk – because after I had told the wait person that I couldn’t have dairy along with it needing to be gluten free the chief was involved (seem’s if you say gf its a what ever mentality but add in another allergen or allergy to the mix and they seem to take it more seriously for some strange reason). They where like so that is why he came to talk to you and I was like yes. I’d talked to someone before arriving to make sure there would be more then a naked over priced salad to be eaten.

I know my own lunch was likely more healthy in the long run since it was in part left over toppings from yesterdays dinner over rice – not to healthy in general, but better then the lack of healthy toppings on their pizzas I am sure (one order of pepperoni pizza and the other was a supreme pizza both from pizza nova). ::Shakes head and sighs to myself::

I’ll admit them having pizza has made me won’t to make my own to have it – but grrr I passed up the chance to get the base for it on the way home today (that I I’m not a fan of Udi’s to start with) oh well I’ll figure something out eventually in its regards that or the craving will disappear in short order (i can hope since its only been a week since I made my last one from scratch).

Well take care everyone,



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