Forth Heart Attack for mom

Today is not starting out well for my family .. a few min ago mom was rushed to the local hospital with her 4th heart attack.

Looks like I am so not sleeping till I know what is going on with her.

Dad went with her to the hospital, so he will let me know what is happening to her as he finds out.

I am praying like crazy that she will be alright, and that it will be more worse the the three other’s that she’s had – as in minor, no major damage.

But this time round it appears a little more sever then the other times, and to boot today is the anniversary of her 1st heart attack at the same time (03:00).

Trying to be calm to phone 911 was nun to easy to say the least – the last time I did that was for my grandmother when she fell down the front steps when I was a child.

Talk about having your heart going 90 miles an hour, and trying to stay calm and collected, and keep as even a voice as possible to talk to the right people to get the right help. I am still coming down from the adrenalin rush, that its caused, and you know what? I think I prefer other forms of adrenalin rushes, they are less stressing. Then again who couldn’t prefer other forms to this form.

Well going to try and keep distracted, till I know what’s going on seeing as sleep is going going to be coming my way anytime soon.

take care all,



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