Tired, Sore but doing well

Well still ajusting to everying but other wise its going well. I’m tired still from the flying and hurting all over, but in the general deal of things I’m doing alright. We at least actually have a bed to sleep in instead of a couch bed that his mom had last time we visited.

Didn’t do much yesterday save to go shopping to get some things for the house while where here (so we have food to eat), we walked around a little and actually ran into another dog in walmart that we are sure wasn’t actually a service dog based off its reaction to seeing payton (though it could be in training as colorado has service dog in training laws). At any rate, the dog barked, growled and lundhed at payton who’s only comment on the matter was a tail wag and his standard single return bark (which was corrected, with a leave it which he did).

Other then that not a lot going on for the day, other then one little bit of education with someone who is looking to get a service dog for her austic son, so I pointed her towards a local service dog meeting group that I’m a member of that is located in colorado springs, colorado and I hope she takes the time to look them up as I am sure they will be of great help to her and her son.

Well post more later, take care!



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