Renewal of Vows

Well today was the day, we renewed our Vows with Norman’s mom and step dad at the Denvor Temple.

It was a LONG day in general, as we got up semi early to take care of things around the house and with Payton. We where not able to bring Payton with us to the temple, thus we had to leave him at the house.

That was its own minor mightmare for the two of us, it wasn’t something we where looking forwards to doing by any means since it was his very first time actually being 100% left on his own and to boot being left in a strange and new place in a room that wasn’t his own.

But he did great, according to the BarkFit he was active for about 20 minutes after we left then went to sleep for 6 hours, woke up and was active for about another 20 minutes before resting again for 45 mintus at which point in time we got home and he played outside with norman before we headed out to an all you can eat place to get food.

After we left payton at the house Norman’s step dad drove his mom and us to the Denvor Temple, which is just over an hours drive away from where they live in Colorado Springs, so not that far but far enough that we did have to take the hiway to get there (and ya so NOT my idea of a fun drive by any means!).

Got to the temple and managed to snap a single photo, I was so going to take more photo’s but never got the chance to do so as by time we where going to be leaving it was already dark, so that never happened as I’d hope it would becaus the grounds looks great to take some decent shots of the place, oh well next time!

We where shown into a area at which time Norman’s mom said that they wonted to get us some clothing for the temple, so to the clothing store we went and thus started a rahter LONG process of fittings to find the right size and fit for the clothing, we didn’t got a chance to try on the dresses unfortuantly but there where several styles that I really liked the looks of but no idea if they would have complamented my frame or not as it was a dress was rented for me to renew our vows in and it looked good on me enough so that when we got back home and I got my laptop up and running his mom actually ordered the same dress for me to be shopped to our home here in Canada. So to degrees I do have the dress I was married in, it will just not have been the actual exact dress itself – which is alright.

We got back and went though things at the temple with his mom and step dad including the renewal of vows at which point it was over and dun with and the butter flys in my tummy where able to settle down that I honestly don’t remember all that happened today, other then being blasted worried about what damage payton might have dun to the door or the room while gone (as said he didn’t nothing, but we didn’t know what at the time so where both worried about what he might be getting up to and what we’d come home to find).

When we left the temple it was dark out as it was like 6pm local time, his step dad offered to take us for food somewhere in denvor but we wonted to get back home and see what Payton might have dun, plus Norman was not feeling well in general so getting back was what we did. When we arrived back at their place there was payton in the room, waiting for us and more then ready to go outside and do his stuff before racing back inside and letting us know that he was so NOT happy about being left on his own for such a LONG period of time (boy did he give talk back to Norman, not to mentiona form of cold shoulder oi oi oi).

At any rate we vested him up and Norman’s step dad took us all to a place called Country Buffet, an all you can eat place (not my first choice in places to eat but it works to degrees). We got in and the person seating us actualy didn’t notice payton at first not until she was about to seat us at one table then she noticed him and switched us to a larger table to Payton could have more room underneeth, which was nice of her as it wasn’t necessary for her to do so since Payton is use to curling up under the tables we eat at while out and about at home.

After we where seated, I got a summery of what Norman wonted and wentin search of it at the various tables that had the Hot food – talk about a LARGE assortment of options. I finally loaded his plate with the options he’d requested and brought the plate back to him and then went in search of stuff that I could even eat (which was’t very much unfortunatly). Got back to the table only to over hear the table behind us saying that payton had to be a fake for some reason.

Ignored them and tried to get Norman to do so also since payton wasn’t doing anything other then sleeping under the table like he knows to do so. We where there at the place for a good hour plus and I got a few plates of food for Norman and he finished off his mom’s dessert unfortuatnly they had 0 dessert options for me so I had to go without, which was annoying but not unexpected.

We left and headed back to their place and when we arrived Norman and I went to our room and settled down for a bit to relax and unwind a little (we talked about the day and called my dad to see how he was doing, only issue was we couldn’t reach him so I am hoping we will be able to do so tomorrow).

Well post more as time allows, take care everyone!



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