Church and Cooking

Well we went to the ward that Norman’s mom and step dad attend, it was much different then our own ward. Their ward had no issues with Payton being there what so ever, we didn’t have to sit appart like we do at our ward, which was great.

We attended all 3 hours of service with his mom and step dad, can’t say I like the RS portion since it was much different from how our’s in run and they where actually a lesson ahead of us. So though it was interesting it was a little off feeling since it was to various degrees a LOT different and the feel of it all was VERY much of the nature that ours isn’t. There isn’t as multi cultural as ours is in feeling but also the screaming babies in the room where really off putting to say the least, big time when I can’t hear well to start with so trying to understand what is going on with a screaming right infront of me was next to impossible.

After church we went back home and did a few things until it was time for me to start cooking up dinner, I’d volunteered to do so. I cooked up Chicken Strips and Baked Kale as well as a Tofu Salad (tofu, kale, cucuber, and tomato), Mashed Caluliflower, and Edemema.

The meal went down very well with Norman’s step dad, he actually had seconds of the salad and really enjoyed the baked kale, he actually at first thought the kale was seaweed until told otherwise.

Afterwards I helped with the clean up and then we all retired to the livingroom to watch Zootopia.

Well post more as time allows, take care everyone!



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