Made it to the Springs!

Well we landed in Colorado Springs without to much issue other then they LOST my clothing so I have NOTHING TO WEAR other than what I have on me at the moment, I totaly spaced on packing extra in my pack (of all the times to do so!!!).

So have to wait till later to see what is going on with getting my bag or if I’ll have to actually use money we don’t have to go out and buy clothing to wear whill here (I hope not we didn’t bring that much cash with us on this trip, just enough to get us though the week with basics really).

Payton did well for flying he wasn’t a fan of the first flight the take off he was stressing for about 10 minutes until he calmed down and about the same for landing the first time, but the second flight wish was also on a MD80 he had 0 issues with the take off or the landing, slept right through them for the most part actually.

Thus far people are complimenting us on his behaviour and saying what a good dog he is and some are shocked to learn that he’s actually owner trained, as many assumed he was program trained.

Well post more shortly take care everyone!



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