Another Sunday

Wasn’t going to go to church today because of the deal that the church has when it comes to family and being a mother, I really didn’t wish to deal with all the stuff around that side of things if it could well be helped. But for various reasons we did got and it turned out to be a good idea, because other wise what we had planned to do next weekend wouldn’t have been possible.

We’ve finally gotten things in order so that both N and I can attend our local Temple with our Ward next week for the first time. N’s been wonting to go to the local Temple since he arrived here in Canada but for various reasons it didn’t happen, but now he’s finally going to be able to go into it and see what its like inside.

We also didn’t have things ready and its still going to be a tight deal because there are a few things the missionaries hadn’t dun that they should have dun before now but have negleted to do so, which means the person we where talking to wasn’t to pleased about the matter, not when their goal is to get everyone in the church to be able to get to temple in short order.

Other wise the day went well, ended up going to Releaf society, when I really wasn’t planning on attending – mostly because I didn’t won’t to be around the whole mother’s day deal that was going on, but what I did catch wasn’t all that bad though at the end the offer of cupcakes and other gluten and dairy products was not great (bad enough that i wasn’t able to do sacrament because they forgot – though doesn’t mean it wasn’t dun in my heart, but still of all the days).

Well take care everyone, post as time does allow for it.



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