Family History – Genealogy

Well N and I went to the Church to their Family History part where they have all the stuff for doing genealogy including free unlimited access to various sites that other wise you’d have to pay to access, so a nice thing to be able to make use of that is for sure.

When I was growing up mom was big time into genealogy and had managed to do a lot of stuff and gathered a good load of information (all pre computers) and in the past year leading up to her death she had been at me to digitize the records she’d gathered (only issue was all of it had been put into storage and she didn’t remember where it was exactly) and I said I would do it, but that we couldn’t afford the cost of a years membership to the site that she wonted me to use (ya 300.00 for a years access isn’t my idea of money well spent just for access to a site that I still have to do a lot of leg work and time to fill out the info on – k might be but to me i don’t see the full value).

At any rate, I did know that the LDS had a good genealogy thing going on and that it might be the best option for getting the records dun, but at the time when mom was alive I wasn’t sure how to go about things, even with N being in the picture. So I kept putting it off, telling mom I’d figure something out, well that’s come to pass but mom’s not here anymore for me to get the info from! Her notes are still in storage and we’ve yet to find them, so I’m doing what I can.

The other issue is the new digital privacy laws that are now in effect that almost prevent you from gathering genealogy information from other countries and since 90% of my family is from England/Scotland n Ireland with a few being from France and else where the info is not as easy to access or find as it once was oh so few years ago.

Now that things have been started I’ve got some idea of what I need to do from home on top of still trying to find mom’s papers that she did up oh so many years ago – but at least I’ve got a better idea then I did when I first contemplated doing what mom was asking me to do.

Post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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