Even More Research

Well yesterday as you have read was online research, and today was more of the same. Only this time it was for an existing Forum that they are currently using. They wish to upgrade it to look something like the phpBB boards, which I was showing them, and they wanted to know if their current software had an upgrade that was similar to what I had shown them.

Well after hunting though the home-page of the product they are using I did find out that there is an upgrade, but that the upgrade is in the range of 5-6k. While doing that research I also found there where a number of free ASP Forums which are just as good, and sites such as CBC, CTV etc are using them, thus I included in my notes links and info on these forums/sites which are free and what other companies are using such services, that get many hits a day.

I don’t know what was thought of the info I got for this, since my boss was away today, but I hope it was the info that they where looking for. Who knows they might pay the money and get the update, or go with a free forum service which will run from their own server’s only time will again tell.

As to the research I did yesterday, well I was told that it was not what they where looking for, even though I had said in my report that no product save the one they where currently using meet the standards they had set for me to look for, most met part of what it was they where looking for, but nun of them meet 100% of the criteria save the one they where currently using.

Oh well at least they have other options, even if they don’t like what they read, if I can’t find the info, maybe someone else might be able to stumble across it better then me.

And here goes another Feng Shui saying about Education – Do place earth materials in the NE area, as these enhance knowledge and self-cultivation. As Helen Hayes said, “If you rest, you rust!”

Well love and light everyone, take care.



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