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Pets Not Left Behind!!

Well I am pleased to see that the Pets are not being left behind, at least that is how it does appear from the news clip I watched on CTV at 6pm.

From what I have seen, it does appear that many people tried not to leave their pets, but in the end many felt they had no choice, and then there where those who refused to go any where without their pet, regardless of what would happen to them, they would not leave their family member behind.

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Same-sex marriage bill must stand, majority say

Same-sex marriage bill must stand, majority say
In wake of Tory vow to repeal legislation, poll suggests 55 per cent want it untouched
Monday, July 18, 2005 Updated at 5:43 AM EDT
From Monday’s Globe and Mail

Ottawa — Canadians do not want their political leaders to undo historic legislation allowing gays to legally marry in the wake of a pledge from the Conservatives that they would do just that if elected.

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Even More Research

Well yesterday as you have read was online research, and today was more of the same. Only this time it was for an existing Forum that they are currently using. They wish to upgrade it to look something like the phpBB boards, which I was showing them, and they wanted to know if their current software had an upgrade that was similar to what I had shown them.

Well after hunting though the home-page of the product they are using I did find out that there is an upgrade, but that the upgrade is in the range of 5-6k. While doing that research I also found there where a number of free ASP Forums which are just as good, and sites such as CBC, CTV etc are using them, thus I included in my notes links and info on these forums/sites which are free and what other companies are using such services, that get many hits a day.

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