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What a time i’ve been having

Well as many of you have likely been reading I’ve stated to take a real interest in reading two local newspapers (well one is based in toronto, though it is published internationally, and the other is fully aimed at those who take public transit here in Toronto) which I’ve started to find are full of interesting information that well I’d pretty much forgotten existed, since I’d not bothered to read either of them in a couple of years.

Some of the news articles which I have been reading have sparked some interests with me, and others have kind of opened my eyes to what is going on around me in my local area and internationally. Yes some of the articles are of no interest to me what so ever, but sometimes those articles which at first glance look not so interesting turn to be interesting for one reason or another.

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Fridays, they can be good

Well last week at work was interesting and I did enjoy it for the most part, though crashing the computer several times was not something I liked that much, though it did apparently amuse the Techie’s, though after the 5th crash it was not as amusing as it was the first couple of times, but such is life with computers.

We are getting a new dishwasher, as the one we currently have is on the fritze and it is not worth getting it repaired, thus the landlord is springing for a new one (one of our main reasons for getting this place was the fact that it came with a dish washer, as neither of us like doing dishes). We have no idea what the new dishwasher will look like or function but well its bound to work far better then the current one which takes two times to clean dishes, once to clean and the second time round to get the suds off that where left after the first wash.

Well as life does pass here is another Feng Shui saying about the Lunar New Year – May you be blessed with abundant good health, wealth, and harmonious relationships on this New Year’s Day in this Year of the Rooster, 4703 in the Chinese calendar.

Take Care Everyone,

Even More Research

Well yesterday as you have read was online research, and today was more of the same. Only this time it was for an existing Forum that they are currently using. They wish to upgrade it to look something like the phpBB boards, which I was showing them, and they wanted to know if their current software had an upgrade that was similar to what I had shown them.

Well after hunting though the home-page of the product they are using I did find out that there is an upgrade, but that the upgrade is in the range of 5-6k. While doing that research I also found there where a number of free ASP Forums which are just as good, and sites such as CBC, CTV etc are using them, thus I included in my notes links and info on these forums/sites which are free and what other companies are using such services, that get many hits a day.

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Doing Online Research

Well today has been an interesting day, i was put to the task of going though the web, and trying to find information for a product which is a flash text-to-speech, as in they wanted a product which was not the current product they where running because the service they are currently running with is apparently slow and unstable, thus hey wish to find a product which offers similar deals, but has a better server or can be hosted on their own existing servers.

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Things are Ever Changing

It has been hard for my partner and I, I feel in regards to my working. He had gotten rather use to me always being around and what not, yes I did go out for work for various clients, but that might only been for a few hours once or twice a week. But now I’m out of the house upwards of 9+ hours a min of three days a week, while I totally enjoy the work, and being out of the house. Its coming home in the evening that I am startins to really dislike for various reasons, one of them that my partner is starting to get a little strong handed with my long work hours and is not listening to me, and its starting to wear my nerves very thin.

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Some days have great surprises

Well yesterday was interesting as you have read, today well was more of the same only today I went in what I call really early was in by 9-am (which is normally when I’m just waking up) so to day that I was pleased to be up so early wasn’t the case, and on top of that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) streetcar that goes along Queen St. was freaking full, and I had waited for three Streetcars to go by before I got fed up and got on the fourth on. Why people drive I understand, but freak the price of parking is nuts, and taking the TTC doesn’t feel much better at that time in the morning.

The morning might not have started off great with the TTC, but once I was at work it went fair well. Got started on completing what I had been working on the previous day, and got most of that finished up. So much so that I was also working on another new project that had come in, a month ago that they needed to start work on.

So for this day work was good, but the TTC ride was less then great. Also for those who have been following my Feng Shui saying here is another for you about the Lunar New Year – The new lunar year is just a week away. Start getting ready now by getting a haircut or perm, cleaning up your home, and paying your bills.

Well take care everyone,

Another week at work!!

Well I’m looking forward to another work week. Last week was interesting and proved to be a good intro to what the company does on a day to day type bases. Thus I feel that I’m going to really like working there, not to mention the people are interesting to chat with.

Todays Feng Shui saying that I like is Three Afflictions – There are yearly influences on our lives represented by compass directions called the Three Afflictions. These directions—the Grand Duke Jupiter, the Three Killings, and the Five Yellows—are based on the animal zodiac years and, accordingly, change with the lunar new year. Like atmospheric pressure, they can’t be seen but affect all of us, no matter where we live or work. They are particularly aggravated by the moving of earth, so be cautious about any construction, planting, or demolition around your home or business.

take care everyone,

First Work Week Over

Well, it has been a good week of working (3 days, but still good), I have enjoyed it very much. Its not all as I thought it to be, but then again what could I know till I’d tried it and seen what is dun. Well I have my schedule and its pretty good, I’m averaging three days a week of work, of those three days the time I come in is my own (average between 10 am till an average of 5 p.m.) which is cool as far as I’m concerned, then again it also means that if they need to have me in sooner then I’m scheduled to come in that they will call me to come in earlier then I was going to, which works for me.

Feng Shui saying in regards to the use of the Colour Green – Don’t use green in earth areas (SW or NE). Green symbolizes wood, which destroys earth, just as a tree’s roots can crack open a cement sidewalk.

Well take care everyone,

Family Update and Work

Well work was most interesting this day. It was not exactly as I expected it to be, but it was interesting nun the less. I think that I can do the currently work without to much trouble, though its going to take me a bit of figuring things out, as in their filing system is nuts in my personal opinion, I know that there is a method to their madness, but well its just not as simple as I’m use to working on for my own sites. But I know that in time I’ll get the hand of it, and there will be fewer bumps, though I do not know how well I’ll be for the audio portion of the deal since well listing to audio and sinking it is not hard, but with my even increasing hearing problems it has me wondering if this area will be a problem (well not right away, but possibly in the future).

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