Quick Quakers Oatmeal – Carb overload!

Alright, it takes a lot to make me do a double take when it comes to food but today was the day for that.

Hubby was going to make us French Toast for breakfast, but because I woke up with a higher then normal numbers (mmol 10.8 [194.4]) we chose to have oatmeal because well its better for me or that was the theory at any rate.

Well he makes it up as he always dun, nice and thick and stick to the ribs goodness – I measure out what I think will be a good portion for myself to have and give him the rest. My portion is 230 grams, 30g more then I was aiming for but still within range or so I thought.

Now I’m not new to having oat meal, but I’m use to the instant stuff from the package, not the home made stuff that takes time to make – after looking up the info from the product site I am floored.

What I thought would be a a reasonable calorie count is nothing of the sort – that 230 grams of oatmeal has cost me over 800 calories and over 150 grams of carbs. Now I know I got a great fiber count from it and that the actual carb load is lower then the 150 but still my daily allowance of 150 carbs to 200 is shot for the day – I’ve been doing really good to keep it around the 150 mark going over here and there without much issue.

I know I need to take the 10 units a humalog, but that will not be enough to cover it all not when I was running high to start with, sighs. I’ve already been running high for a week now I so did NOT need to have this happen to me in general, not with how uncontrolled my numbers have been since I had to do that fasting.

I know I still have 900 cals to go before I hit my min daily intake of calories, but still I’m more worried about my glucose control then the calories right at the moment. Were going walking in a bit to help things, but with it being as warm as it is out atm with the humidex its not going to help my breathing much.

I wish I’d thought to look up the package info before having the oatmeal (we just got it a few days ago – plain white package because we got it bulk with my aunt, she got the other package), sighs I am so going to have to watch this new oatmeal when it comes to eating it. Guess I would have been better off to have had the french toast at 250 calories and only 50 grams of carbs over what I though would be a better idea.

::slaps myself on the hand:: My Bad

I will say this Oatmeal is healthy and it is good for you, but carb wise and for diabetics on insulin it might be healthy but its not as balanced as one might wish it was when it comes to how much insulin might well be needed to cover it, then one is use to taking at a meal.




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