#dsma Chat n Reply – Week 4


Q1. Which do you prefer PWD (Person with Diabetes) or Diabetic? Why?
Either term works for me, though I am sure the average person would just look at anyone who said “Hi, I’m Nyx and I’m a PWD” chuckles – I’d sure one would get rather confused to say the least. But saying “I have diabetes, or I’m Diabetic works well enough in general for most people to understand.

Q2. How do you deal with the Diabetic Police?
I try and not blow up at them if I can well help it – big time if its a family member who is also a PWD who one would think would know better, or who takes worse care of their D then I do. In general I just say, I know what I’m doing thanks by no thanks. If anyone gets on my case about it I just tell them to mind their own business and leave it at that.

Q3. Support systems are important for any and all diabetics/pwd’s. Who is your biggest supporter?
My biggest supporter is Norman my hubby, then comes my folks. Norman is always there for me making sure I’ve taken my insulin, meds and what have you. He wont’s me as healthy as he can have it for as long as possible.

Q4. How can we take the support online to the diabetes community (offline)?
Having local meet-ups is one way of getting the word out there and helping within the local community. Encouraging ones doc to either post notices or something to help other with diabetes know they are not alone and that there is a support network out there that they can connect to.



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