One Pound Lighter

Well its official I am down a single pound from last month.

I know SP says i should louse 4 pounds a month at what I’ve put out as my goals and the range it gave me to eat within, and that what I’ve been eating within should have seen a lot more of a loss. But that is so NOT happening because SP is not geared towards those with various medical issues that add to weight loss issues in general, so the fact that I lost a single pound to start with is in itself its own miracle. Especially when I can go months or even years (longest I stayed at any one weight was for about 10 years) and still not see a change in the scale regardless of how good I am at eating healthy or working out.

Sometimes I think PCOS is going to win the war that its challenged me to … but since I have never given up on anything in my life I am so NOT going to give up on myself and this war that PCOS has declared upon me. Nor am I going to give in to the secondary war that Diabetes has declared when it comes to weight gain from taking insulin, that is also one war that I might not be able to win, but I am sure going to fight it with all that I am – thus as long as I am lighter then I started the year out at then its all good with me.

Well take care everyone!



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