Getting Voice in Emerald on the Mac (SL Emerald Viewer)

Open your Finder window and find your standard SL viewer. Right click on it and choose “Show Package Contents” – that will open another window with the contents of the SL viewer.

Go into the Contents folder, then into the Resources folder. Select the following six files, and copy them (option and drag will also work).


Now, open another Finder window, find Emerald, and do “Show Package Contents” on it as you did with the standard viewer.

Go to the Contents\Resources folder, parallel to the one in the SL viewer, and paste those six files.

That’s it. You’ll probably want to restart your computer or at least log out and back in. You might also have to go into prefs and into Voice and toggle over to what ever it is you are using for a mic (if its not built into the comp to start with).



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