#FitBlog QnA (Food is Fuel – How do You Fill Up?)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Does when you exercise or how much you exercise impact what you eat? How?
It can yes depending on where I work out and what I am doing, if I go to the gym then I am more likely to be craving fresh fruit and meat after a workout then I am if we are just going for a long walk and I end up craving straight carbs. The main reason is how it effects my glucose levels and the amount of insulin my body uses doing to different activites. In one case it uses the stores so needs to be given back the other it uses the stores yes but it also taps into reserves so uses more bosy resources to fuel the workout it self, thus needs a better means of long term fuel being given back (at least thats how I work it out in my own head to make sense to myself).

Q2) What do you eat before you work out?
If hitting the gym I tended to grab a muffin or something that was a good carb load but low protein mostly because I found grabbing a good carb load would give me longer at the gym to be able to work out without dropping glucose to fast or rises it to much. But just going for a normal every day walk or working out on the Wii in general, nothing less my glucose readings are on the low side then I treat as necessary.

Q3) What do you eat after a work out?
Again it depends, if its going to the gym then I use to grab what ever fresh fruit at a local market had on sale and when I got home make up a high protein dinner. But now a days after coming home from walking I tend to get into making dinner because of the time of day, if not and my glucose levels are stable I don’t have anything because 9 times out of 10 dinner isn’t to far along to being needing to be made.

Q4) Do you eat more indulgently if you have exercised or plan to? What’s your treat meal?
No I eat as I eat regardless of if I know I am going to be working out or not, its just how it is with me. I don’t have a treat meal or anything of the kind, I believe everything has its place and sometimes you indulge and it works and other times you indulge and it doesn’t work but regardless you are mindful of what you are eating.



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