30 Days Of Truth – Day 1

Well it is Day 1 of the 30 Days of Truth, and it looks like it is going to be another interesting month to come with the daily questions that are to be answered, todays assignment is for me to write about Something you hate about yourself, which is not an easy task since there really isn’t anything that I hate about myself, since to me that word is really strong. If anything there is something that I don’t like.

Of the things about me that I do not like about myself it would have to do with my weight. I do not like the fact that I am over weight nor that getting the weight off isn’t as easy as it should be thanks to the PCOS and being in Menopause. But I know that weight loss can happen its just a matter of time, I’ve managed to drop some weight over the past 6 plus years and have also managed to keep it off so that is at least a positive thing.

I just wish that it was easer then it is to get it off as it is in general to keep it off once its come off, but that would be asking to much because if it was that easy then I wouldn’t have to worry about it to start with, oh tis how life is.

One thing is for sure My Life as it is though hampered at times by my weight (not being able to do some things because it gets in the way) isn’t all bad. I’m a positive person in life and I try not to let things get in my way or effect me in a negative fashion as possible.



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