#Fitblog QnA – What Do You REALLY Know About Fitness & Health?

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What is the one thing that you learned about fitness/health that most shocked you?
I can’t say that there is anything that has actually shocked me when it comes to fitness or health, though there are a few things that people have dun or do do in regards to them that make me scratch my head as to why they do it.

Q2) What do you often see/hear people do incorrectly regarding workouts/health?
In correct way of lifting weights is the most common things I’ve seen when at the gym. Also wrong foot wear for doing various things has been a common issue, using walking shoes to run and wondering why your feet hurt, or using tennis shoes to go hiking, etc.

Q3) Where did you learn your fitness and foodie knowledge?
Most of its come from life experiences, including but not limited to early childhood. I’ve also learned from various sites I’ve gone to such as SparkPeople, the Canadian Diabetic Association, as well as the various dietitians I’ve had over the years.

Q4) What is something fitness/health related that you want to know more about?
I’d like to know more about how my own body works when it comes to food and fitness so I can get the right exact combo of what I need to do to get the weight off and keep it off for life, but I know that is something that will not happen, at least not as I’d like it I do know that I’ll learn various things that will help me reach the goal I am aiming for but that there is not one thing that is for life.



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