Ever closer to my goal weight

Weight Loss IconWell its been a long while since I’ve seen myself in the 250 range (I last remember seeing that number in Jr. High, 21 years ago) it feels great to be seeing it again.

I’m not yet at my midterm weight goal that of being 250 on the dot, but I am 9 pounds closer to that number, which is closer then I have been since I got serious about getting the weight off (once I learned that it could come off).

Yes there was once a point in time that I didn’t think I could get the weight off, mostly because I was being active and I was eating healthy and everything yet the weight didn’t shift (didn’t go down and it didn’t go up) I was in a holding pattern that no matter what I did or didn’t do would change what the scale was showing. Then came my first depo provera shot and the weight started coming off at a good rate, but that only lasted for so long (04 to 08) but since I know what was the issue and its also now been semi-corrected I’ve actually been able to get the weight off on my own without drugs just my following the Canadian Food Guide paired with the Canadian Diabetes Association’s guidelines the weight loss has been much slower but from June 1st 2008 to June 1st 2011 I have lost a total of 10.4 pounds, of which 6.4 has been this year alone.

I know it’s time that I post a newer photo of the me from when I started SP to the current – so that is the next thing I am going to try and set up to do (just got to get the comp cam to work). So will post that image up as soon as I can get things working on my end to do so.

So I’ve also updated my SP weight loss goals and thus this is what it now says…
Your Old Daily Goals to louse 1 pound a week (from 266 to 260) use to be…
1,810 – 2,160 calories, 226 – 270 grams of carbs, 60 – 72 grams of fat and 91 – 108 grams of protein

Now Your New Daily Goal to louse is 1 pound a week (from 259 to 250) will now be…
1,790 – 2,140 calories, 224 – 268 grams of carbs, 60 – 71 grams of fat and 90 – 107 grams of protein

No change in daily workout burn I still aim to burn 2,100 calories a week (which is 300 calories a day) for a month burn of 8,400 calories (or just over 2 pounds)

Well take care everyone and I hope June brings you much joy



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