Doctor’s Apointment Update

Well saw the doc today, can’t say it went as i wished it to go, but at least I got a few answers to my questions.

I’m getting into see a dietition again who will not make an issue of my diabetes, and I am getting the kitchen sink thrown at me in regards to allergie testings for enviromental factors and foods.

I’m also getting my Thyroid re-tested to see just how low it really is – no more its normal, I want the numbers and if its really close to the low end of normal I want something dun about it. Becuase if its in part a cause for my weight troubles I want it fixed if at all possible (though no idea if it is or not, but there are ways of finding out if it is).

She also fianlly agreed with me that something is up with my weight, showed her my food diary and cardio diary and she did say that something is not right and that I am right I should be down 20 or a min of 10, but up almost 20 – so that’s how I got some of the tests to get preformed, and in to see yet another dietition.

The down deal is the cholesterol drug I was put on, I can’t come off it even if it is the culprate which is causing me to gain weight – like bloody hell! I told her if I hit 300 pounds because of that medication I am going to be seriously pissed off with her and my endro because there has to be something that can be dun in regards to the cholesterol which doesn’t involed drugs.

Sighs, so out of the visite that was the only major grumble – but she see’s my point and agrees something needs ot be dune to make sure I don’t hit 300, the fact that I’m up 30 pounds from my last visit had her a little alarmed to says the least.

Also learned what my BMR is not 2075 as i thought it was but 2095.94 – thanks to the trouble with my neck and shoulders I’ve lost hight and am no longer 5’9″ but 5’7″ sighs/grumbles. Doc wasn’t pleased to learn I’d shrunk to so speak (more like gotten more hunched over) sights but there is nothing which can be dun to correct the problem its to late for that now without putting me into a chair ealer then I will end up in one.

Oh well that’s how the days been, take care everyone



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