Looks around, long short day

Well today was alright, didn’t get as much work dun as I’d like to have dun, but it happens – also didn’t hit my min cal burn for the day because I just wasn’t feeling up to going for long walk (was feeling way to freaking bloted big time, that moving around made me feel really freaking sick – grumbles)

Oh well i know tomorrow will make up for it since i’m going to be on the move a hell of a lot with whats happening – shopping and other events.

All in all today was really long because i kept waiting for a client to email me the info that she said she was going to email me, but she never did get it to me, which kind of ticked me off big time since I could have been outside painting the garage as my folks would like to be do before summer is over and bad weather sets in.

Oh well thats about it for the day, take care everyone



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