Film – Gods Army

Well I’ve been going though various video’s on youtube that have caught my attention to various degrees mostly trying to figure out a few things that I’ve been reading but also because they started playing (youtube seems to have a new feature that auto plays unless you click off the ability) and I kept listening then watching them as they caught my attention further.

This particular film, was one such that started playing while I was listening to another video while working on a different blog post – it caught my attention enough to keep listening to it. I found it different to listen to (haven’t actually watched it though, just listened to it fully) I can’t say its worth watching because I’ve not gotten around to doing so, it didn’t catch my attention that far as in great listening to it but did nothing to catch my attention to watch it, though the second one after it N and I actually did end up watching.

The movie itself is about Missionaries of the LDS and it goes though what its like for them to do their mission when they leave home to do so, which is interesting listening since reading about what they do though is one thing, talking to them another and listening to a video dun about them in general brings a different perspective about them as well.

Its worth watching if you have such an interest in the LDS and are wondering about the Missionaries and what their life in general and it does that fairly well.



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