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LDSWell went to the LDS Church today with N, we didn’t make it to sacrament do to having a flat tire so ended up waiting outside of the chapel area listening to the happenings, and actually heard the missionary that has been coming to see us talk about his life before going on his mission, which was semi interesting since where he comes from Christianity is not looked upon with favour in general from my understanding.

Didn’t really get to talk with the missionaries this time round, which was alright so no idea if they are coming by later this week or not (but I’m thinking that they likely will be – since from what I’ve been reading their mission is to get me to become a member of their faith ::shrugs::). But did talk with a few other church members to various degrees, two of the other missionaries actually remembered our names and one of them was pleased that he’d remembered my name for some strange reason (guess N’s name is easer to remember).

We also ended up talking with the Bishop of the place, he seemed like a nice enough fellow. He actually grew up around here (up the street so to speak), so he knew exactly where we are located. He mostly wonted to know about what brought N up to Canada, when he was baptized in the church, how long has he been in Canada (how long have we been married) and how often or active he was attending church when he was living in the US. Didn’t really talk to me other then a short hello and handshake (which seems to be a popular thing among them that I’ve noticed – most of them have a good strong hand shake, which is a nice change from what I’m use to).

The bishop asked what N was doing work wise and when N said that he’s job hunting the bishop pretty much cut the meeting short because there was the career person on site and that he wonted N to be able to catch her between group meetings/gatherings. Tuned out she was in the Relief Society gathering so had to come out of it to speak with us (yes I got tied into it since I’m also job hunting myself – figured might as well maybe if they can help N they might be able to help me since they do actually have a section of their job program for self employment and networking – figure that side of things can’t hurt to maybe grow my business prospects).

Other than that I ended up getting roped into attending a Relief Society gathering – the employment person was like “come with me” type deal and told N to go attend the other meeting (that’s males only) – well not wishing be rude and feeling totally out of my element I followed her into the room talk about feeling really UNCOMFORTABLE to say the least and big time out of place. Why? Simple I had zero clue what I was walking into since N couldn’t attend it with me (its a female only thing) and I don’t know anything about the LDS functioning gathering that people seem to attend or be part of. The women I saw in the room reminded me of the WC group that my mom was a member of when she attended church in my youth. Thankfully it didn’t last very long (maybe 20 minutes or something) long enough for there to be some reading of some nature and a song (no idea which one I wasn’t near anyone to learn the name and I don’t remember any of the lyrics I heard people singing/speaking).

So my thoughts of my second visit to the LDS Church and the people there, well there was a lot more people there this time round then last time, which is strange since last time it was better weather compared today with all the snow (though ya today was a tad warmer but not by much), the church area itself was rather full not much extra seating in the main area from what I was able to gather from the peek into it when we arrived – yet there still wasn’t any car’s in their larger parking lot a few carbs around the church itself and from what I gather taking local Transit is a common mode of transportation for many people within the church (because the employment person assumed that we took the TTC and didn’t drive, which I’m not use to people assuming).

Actually saw a family from another ward who where in the area visiting they sort of stood out since they where dressed unlike everyone else (not in their Sunday best) but was cool to see other people and it sort of made me starting thinking when they mentioned what ward they where from, that I might know of someone from there area that I’ve worked with, but no confirmation since I’ve never outright asked this person their religious affiliation (mostly because its nun of my business what path they choose to walk) is. But still its been nagging at the back of my mind since things that this person has said and dun seem very much in line with what I’ve been noticing of church members (including the hand shaking style of the various males I’ve shook hands with of late).

At any rate, I’m still no closer to understanding it feels some of thing things that N just knows because of growing up within the church, yet the few people I’ve talked with assume that I’ve also grown up in it (why I have no idea, but its a strange feeling, since they say things that I have zero clue about), even the bishop though at first I was until I said other wise and his face was like “what really?” type look. Oh well I’ve always been a fast study for some things that catch my attention and for when I know I need to have a grasp of something that is important to another I care about, and this the LDS is important to N on various levels I’ve chosen to learn what I can and support him in this. I’ll do what feels comfortable and as posted above stuff that doesn’t always feel confortable all the time as well since you can’t grow without stretching things a little at a time until they are no longer uncomfortable or at least not as much as they where in the past.

Well that’s it for now, time to sign off post more as time does pass.

Take care everyone!



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