Definition Of Abuse

Stop AbuseAbuse comes in many forms and types. It’s hard to pinpoint why an abuser chooses a certain type of person. Unfortunately, that’s usually one of the first things the victim tries to figure out…”why me?” There is no real answer, and the question implies that the victim, somehow, feels at fault. It’s not your fault! It doesn’t matter what your abuser said…you did nothing to cause this.

The problem and the fault is all theirs. You are a special, beautiful person that everyone should honor and respect. Now…you’re a survivor. Your focus must be on your recovery, not your abuse. I hope you find your help. You didn’t deserve how you were treated. You will help to find a happy life…even after abuse.

Abuse is the action of a weak person who uses a position of authority, influence or physical strength to control their victim and commit emotional, violent or sexual acts upon them. The actions committed vary with each abuser, from neglect, intimidation and threat, to sexual or physical violence.

The abusers also vary with respect to choice of victim, from close family members (most common) to total strangers, and from infants to senior citizens. Most abusers stay within their chosen type of victim and type of abuse, though many, if left unchecked, will escalate to a more serious form of abuse. For example, a physical abuser may escalate from intimidation and threat, to throwing things, to hitting, choking, rape, and even murder.

Without intervention, sexual abusers have a very high tendency to escalate the severity of their abuse. This is why it’s very important to identify an abusive relationship early and get professional help and accountability to the authorities for the abuser. It can save the lives of the victims and the abusers.

Each of our recovery pages is designed to help you get it stopped, then get help to recover. As embarrassing and humiliating as it is for others to know what’s going on, it’s the only way to get it stopped so you can start healing.



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