Still job hunting

Well its been 3 months and change since I last had employment and I feel like I’m still no closer to getting it still. I’ve been hitting up all the sites I know for possible jobs and keeping my ears and eyes open for possible local employment but still nothing has come to bear any fruit on the matter.

The same is going for N, he’s gone into a couple of interviews but so far nothing has come of them – one thing is for sure a couple of them actually did call his last place of employment and it seems that his last place of employment is breaking the rules by saying that N has Epilepsy, I know Canadian employers can’t say much other then confirm someone was employ and in good or not so good standing with the company end of information (as far as I understand). So its proving to be that much harder on him in getting employment, if in fact him having E is the main issue that companies are avoiding him (but can’t prove it).

I know living with D for myself has its own issue with employment as my last place of employment wasn’t to pleased to learn I had it and on top of it that I needed Insulin. The lady who over saw me most of the time made the comment she’s never had a diabetic on her team before, but she sure wasn’t got to have me die on her while working. That so ticked me off her saying that, it was uncalled for and just plain wrong – but goes to show just how uneducated the general populace is in regards to D and I know even less so when it comes to E.

ARG I am so NOT pleased with how things are going at all, I wont gainful employment, I wont to get out on our own and live our life away from my folks and the whole nine yards. But finding employment isn’t easer said then dun, finding gainful employment more so an issue thus even if we do find employment the chances of us moving out on our own is low, less the place of employment is in another city (which is likely for some of the type of work that I’ve been applying for in the graphic/web design field).

Which only leads to another delema that if N has employment and I find work outside of the city, I either can’t take it or he has to give his up and start all over again and try to find employment where I’ve found it (which might or might not take as long or longer for him in general).

Part of me is thinking that we might have been better off staying down in the US where he did have gainful employment (bad hours, but good steady income and work) and even if I wasn’t able to find employment right away we’d still have been able to manage on his income. Oh well he made the choice to start a new life up here because he wonted to be here and because I really didn’t wont to move so far away from my folks (min of a four day drive is a little to far for me to live with my mom’s health – and even flying wouldn’t have been a good option with the cost of it in this day and age).

Oh well something will come up its just a matter of time before it does.



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